Bee Backs Supracor Cool Grip pads

When training horses one of the most important things in a program is keeping the horses healthy. I am always on the lookout for products that help me achieve this goal. The Supracor Honeycomb Cool Grip saddle pad technology is a new product that really helps with this.

A well fitting easy to clean saddle pad is a key item in my program. Having a saddle pad that conforms to the horses back, keeps the saddle in place without undue tightening of the girth, is antibacterial and made of a lightweight materiel that is tough and long lasting makes my job easier. My horses stay healthy and have no back soreness with even the highest level of training.

On top of that the pad we have been using for eight months still looks brand new. I can highly recomend this line of products for every one who rides a horse no matter what discipline you choose or what type of horse you ride.

– Rick LeMay